CrowdFlik “is a free app that allows a group of people observing the same event from multiple perspectives to combine all their photos or video footage together. Users upload all the collected footage and CrowdFlik stores it in the cloud. Then users can edit the media clips together into a video containing multiple viewpoints or perspectives of the same event.”

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Malware Alert

For the past several months I have been getting an email every day from a website named Font of the Day, which gives you a link to download a free font every day. I had never tried to install any of them until today. I found out that you cannot install any of these fonts unless you agree to let it install a browser named Astromenda. That looked suspicious to me, so I looked it up. Astromenda is a piece of malware that will embed files deep inside your operating system, bombard your screen with ads, and interfere with your Web browsing experience. I am going to delete the folder I have all those emails in. Please do not fall for this trap.