Scribble is  social bookmarking tool that lets you:

  • Bookmark web pages and access them from anywhere
  • Save articles and web pages for later
  • Read annotated articles from your web browser
  • Capture thoughts and share comments on the page
  • Build your own library of favorite articles and websites
  • Use filters and tags to quickly sort through your library
  • Do full-text searches of your bookmarks, saved articles, and notes
  • Share annotated articles via email, Facebook, and Twitter


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YouTube Video Editing Tools

Did you know that YouTube has video editing tools that let you

  • Combine multiple videos and images you’ve uploaded to create a new video
  • Trim your clips to custom lengths
  • Add music to your video from a library of approved tracks
  • Customize clips with special tools and effects”
I plan to try them out soon.

Word Lens Translator

You can download this app free from the Google Play Store. It installs a “virtual” lens that works with your phone’s  camera. When you focus it on a word or a phrase in a foreign language it is supposed to translate it for you. It also works in reverse. When you type a word or phrase in English it translates it into Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, German, or Portuguese. I downloaded it onto my Android phone. I typed a French phrase which we hear all the time, “Je ne sais quoi,” and printed it out. I pinned the sheet of paper to my bulletin board and focused on it. It translated it as, “I not know what.” That’s sort of accurate; it means something like, “that special something.” I know this was a very tough test for the translator. I wrote “Good morning” on the same piece of paper and got it to translate it as “Buenos dias” in Spanish, but it took a long time. You can also download it from the Apple App Store.

Socrative Classroom Response System

Socrative is a polling tool similar to Poll Everywhere. It offers free accounts for teachers, and lets students submit their responses using tablets, smart phones, and laptops. I signed up for a free account there and will be reporting on it later. I don’t think it will ever be officially supported by ACC, but some of our teachers use similar classroom response systems such as Poll Everywhere.