Next Generation Online Learning

An article by Stephen Mintz, Professor of History at the University of Texas at Austin and Executive Director of the UT System’s Institute for Transformational Learning. Mintz says that the six contrasting ways to achieve these generational goals are:

  1. Institutional Courseware
  2. Social by Design
  3. Discovery Learning
  4. Education at the Scale of the World
  5. Curriculum as Plug-and-Play Endeavor
  6. Instructional Modules and Just-in-Time Learning

Amazon Echo

Announcing the arrival of the Amazon Echo, a device you can place anywhere in your house. It connects to you WiFi network. Ask it anything and it searches for the answer on the Amazon Cloud. Examples: Alexa, what time is it? Alexa, what will the weather be like tomorrow? Alexa, how man giraffes are there in the wild? Alexa, play music by Peter White. The regular price is $199, but Amazon Prime members can buy it for $99 for a limited time.

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What Impact will New Technologies have on Society?

This is from the Scientific American daily blog. The author, Fred Guter asks these five questions:

1. Will perfection on demand turn us off?
2. Will  we all be the same?
3. Will we give up our bodies as our last private space?
4. Will computers replace our brains, hearts, souls?
5. Who will write the code?