The Idea of the Digital University

The Idea of the Digital University:  Ancient Traditions, Disruptive Technologies and the Battle for the Soul of Higher Education, by Frank McCluskey and Melanie Winter. The authors discuss how the university has to adapt to the digital age while remaining true to its core mission


Higher Education in the Digital Age

Higher Education in the Digital Age, by William G. Bowen.The author explains why he believes that technology now has the potential to rein in the costs of education without negatively affecting student learning. Bowen is an author, economist, and formerly the President of Princeton University.

11 Delicious Foods that Boost Brain Power

This has nothing to do with educational technology, excepting the fact that the brain is the most amazing piece of educational technology that has ever been designed. Such a good article I had to share it with you. Of the foods listed I have recently eaten: cauliflower, sardines, almonds, beets, and cinnamon. I had to quit eating dark chocolate because I have acid re-flux disease.