Place of EdTech in Wider Conversation about Future of Higher Education

Another thought-provoking post by Dr. Joshua Kim. My takeaways are:

1. Technology is only a tool. It should never be a goal or a destination,
2. Technologists (or instructional designers) bring some important skills to the conversation because we can create services or programs.
3. The status quo in in higher education is not sustainable and technology and technologists must play a role in driving innovation.
One minor quibble with this excellent post – I have a master’s degree in instructional technology and about 45 hours of computer classes, but I don’t consider myself a technologist, but a person who uses technologies to create learning objects useful to educators.

How to Make Your Syllabus More Appealing

This post is for the syllabrians among you. I know that sometimes your department determines the design of your syllabus or syllabi, but it you are allowed to be creative, this post has some good tips.

Here is an interesting article on how to make your syllabus more appealing: