iTranslate Voice

This free version of this app supports 12 Languages. The paid version, which costs $2.99, supports 42. I downloaded it on my smart phone, and it works fine. The free version allows you to translate only a few sentences. Today it will not let me upgrade. Surely they will get that fixed soon.

It is available for iPhones and Android phones.

Can the EdTech Community Become an Ideas Generator?

Another great article from my favorite EdTech blogger, Joshua Kim. The ideas he lists are:

1. Defending the traditional. bundled residential university
2. Championing a liberal arts education
3. Forming a coalition with faculty
4. Supporting post-secondary education more strongly
5 .Building educational practices on learning science
6. Integrating educational change theory with teaching and learning practice
7. Being a counterweight to the technology hype cycle and the productivity agenda

Magic Leap Intends to Replace all the Screens in Our Lives

Magic Leap hopes its technology will eventually replace our smart phones and all the other screens in our lives. In the future we may use eye-worn gear that will appear to place apps in the world around us.

MIT Report on Online Learning

This report says institutions should focus on people and process, not technology. It says that faculty will continue to be very important in the learning process and blended learning is more effective than totally online classes. It calls for the creation of learning engineers, people who have terminal degrees in their teaching field, who are also instructional designers.