Five Ways Virtual Reality is being used in Education Right Now

Extreme Networks polled nearly 350 schools in higher-ed and K-12. 23% of respondents have tested VR, and 40% are not sure if they will use VR in the future. 43% of respondents said VR is too expensive to implement. Ways it is being used in education include:

1. For new research
2. For coding and 3D design
3. For anatomy and dissection
4. For engagement
5. For field trips

New Camtasia

TechSmith has announced its latest versions of Camtasia, 9 for Windows machines and 3 for Macs. Most of the improvements seem to be for recording and editing video.

The Case for Twitter in Education

An article from the October 19, 2016, online edition of Inside Higher Ed, by Patrick Iber. Some best practices for using Twitter in education he mentions are:

1. Share links to what you read online.
2. Share what you read offline.
3. Work out ideas in progress.
4. Share what you write.