Wear 1,000 Languages Around Your Neck

The Rosetta Disk is a 2 cm size pendant you can wear around you neck. On one side is an archive of 1,000 languages. You have to read them with a microscope set to 100 times magnification. On the other side are inscribed 1,000 page of important information such as vocabulary lists in 719 languages. Be prepared to spend about $1,000 if you want one.

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The Academic Library in the Age of Trump

In this post Dr. Joshua Kim states his case about why academic libraries are more important than ever before in the age of Trump. I would not do justice to his arguments if I tried to summarize them, so I will let you enjoy it without comment from me.

Steven Poole’s New Book – “Rethink”

In his latest post Joshua Kim reviews Steven Poole’s new book, Rethink: The Surprising History of New Ideas. Poole’s thesis is that many of the ideas we think are “new” have been around for decades. One example is the electric car. In 1900 there were more than 30,000 electric cars registered in the US. Another example is MOOCS. Kim says that educators should have placed MOOCS within the long tradition of distance education instead of claiming they were a new paradigm that would disrupt and revolutionize education. I have put Poole’s book on my to-read list.

Obsolete Mobile Devices and Mobile Learning

In this post Dr. Joshua Kim contrasts the rapid advances we make in mobile devices with the lack of progress in mobile learning. He says that online learning courses are still designed for the browser and the laptop, not the mobile device. He makes a good point, but many students do most or all of their course work on their phones and tablets.

David Gelenter’s Vision for Higher Education

Yale computer scientist David Gelenter says that over 90% of U S colleges will be closed in the next generation and will be replaced by alternative credentials offered by museums, libraries, tech companies, etc. I believe that alternative credentialing through organizations such as Lynda.com, where I have completed over 100 courses, will continue to gain popularity, but I also believe that traditional educational institutions will be around for many generations.

Why Joshua Kim Love Online Learning but Dislikes Educational Technology

Joshua Kim dislikes educational technology because it has over-promised and under-delivered on the promise of educational technology, but the loves online learning in all its formats: blended, low-residency, and fully online.

Dropbox Paper Versus Evernote 5

Dropbox, a file storage program I have been using for years, has added a document creation feature it calls Paper. It offers basic text editing tools which do a bit more than the editing tools in Evernote. Evernote has some basic imaging editing tools, but Paper does not. You have to use a third party editing tool to edit images with it. Both applications support rich media and let you share your files.