Analog or Digital Learning – Your Choice

In this post Joshua Kim makes his case that analog, or paper-based learning, will never go away. He says students prefer to learn print-based materials. I’m not sure about that. Many students use their cell phones and tablets as learning devices, and my iPad is a very valuable learning tool for me that I use every day.

Re-Learn how to Learn like a Child

This article is not related to educational technologies, this article is so interesting I had to post it. My trusty iPad is my daily learning companion though. It has never been as easy to learn anything as it is now. I am a llife-long learner. Mr reading interests cover almost everything, and I read about fifty books a year. I am also very interested in gardening and landscaping, language studies (French and Spanish), drawing and music (music theory and piano). I will be 74 later this month, but my mind is in better shape than it has ever been in.

How Music Helps us Focus

Many creative people, including Albert Einstein, have listened to or played music to help them focus. Einstein played the violin. When I was an undergraduate, and later a graduate student at Lamar University, I listened to music on an ancient radio that looked like a full-size juke box every night when I studied and did my homework, and it did help me focus. I can’t say that playing  the piano (he plays it non-too-well, tis’ a miracle he plays-at-all) helps me focus on anything except trying to play the piano.

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