The Education Internet is NOT Broken

In this article Joshua Kim says that although we constantly hear that the Internet is broken, the education Internet is NOT broken. About  three million students take all their classes online, and an additional three million take at least one online class.


Three Goals for Quality Experiential Learning

This article opens with a reminder that content is now free, so educators should focus on more than delivering it to students. The authors of this article wrote it to promote their Jobs to be Done framework, which focuses on these three goals:

1. Help design learning experiences that ensure students are achieving the competencies that are required for success.
2. Universities should offer various degree paths that incorporate engaging, authentic opportunities to validate student learning.
3. A university should design learning experiences that open up access and deliver educational equity by addressing individual student needs.

General Eikenberry Says Cuts to Language Learning Big Mistake

This article by retired Lieutenant General Karl Eikenberry is featured in the June 23 issue of Inside HigherEd. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences’ Commission on Language Learning. He is concerned about the new federal budget which eliminates the funding for language learning in the Department of Education. Fluency in other languages is a national asset that cannot be directly measured, so it is always a tempting target for budget cutters. Now that we have a President who speaks in a grade school vocabulary, is anyone surprised? If I were in charge of education policy for Texas, every public school student would be required to take six years of Spanish in elementary school. Since the goals of our stated legislators are (1) to continually cut taxes on corporations and wealthy individuals and (2) to return our state to the imagined halcyon 1950s Ozzie and Harriet culture, I’m sure they will never do this.