eCredentials – Major Disrupter of HigherED

Professor Daniel Hickey of Indiana University says eCredentials will be as disruptive to higher education as eCommerce was to retail. He says that eCredentials are a more practical tool than traditional grades and transcripts to employers. He raises the important issue of whether students will persist to graduation if they can earn a credential in two years that shows he or she has mastered the skills needed for a particular job.

Micro-Credentialing Initiative

Quoting from the article: “Micro-credentials provide individuals with portable, shareable badges that recognize the learning activities they participate in or the skills they have developed. As a result, they can both highlight the wide variety of learning activities educators engage in and facilitate the shift to competency-based learning for educators.” A company named Digital Promise has been building an econ system of micro-credentials over the past two years. It enables educators to receive recognition for the skills they have acquired over the years. It is supported by the Open Badge standard developed by Mozilla and and digital badging technology.