Print Assignments?

In this article, Steven J. Bell, of Temple University, warns professors to check with a college librarian before they create an assignment that requires students to use only print material, because many college libraries are reducing their collections of works in print.

The Book (in Print) isn’t going Anywhere

This is not the usual type of post I make to this group. Usually I report on the latest and greatest digital or online educational technologies. This post is a salute to an ancient and still extremely educational technology – the printed book. Don’t worryl; they aren’t becoming obsolete. People of all ages still prefer print books. I have thirty bookcases in my house, and most of them are filled with books. Currently, I am reading three printed books and six e-books. The only reason I started reading e-books was because I was running out of space in my house for bookcases. Long the print book.

Review of Steve Johnson’s Wonderland

Another interesting book review by Dr. Joshua Kim. I have not read this book yet, but I have read several books about the value of play and gamification in learning; I put it on my list of books to read. You can read more about this book on the website: