Google Slides – A Great Collaboration Tool

In this post Joshua Kim discusses Google Slides, a great tool for teams collaborating on presentations. Recently I collaborated with two other people on a presentation for a workshop we taught. We imported PowerPoints into Google Slides and made a lot of changes to our original presentation. We uploaded it to Google Drive so we could make those changes. We used Google Slides presenter mode during the workshop. It worked beautifully. The Slides presenter works much better than the PowerPoint presenter, which is sometimes cranky and makes it hard to navigate though  a presentation. Google Slides has all the features most people will need without the mostly useless bloat of Microsoft PowerPoint. I really like Slides.

Apple App Classroom Makes iPad Teaching Assistant

Apple has rolled out its Classroom app which interconnects with other iPads in a classroom, letting the teacher launch apps, books, or websites remotely. Teachers will be able to lock down the screens on all student iPads to help focus their attention. Teachers will also be able to see what is on the screens of the students’ iPads.


Scribble is  social bookmarking tool that lets you:

  • Bookmark web pages and access them from anywhere
  • Save articles and web pages for later
  • Read annotated articles from your web browser
  • Capture thoughts and share comments on the page
  • Build your own library of favorite articles and websites
  • Use filters and tags to quickly sort through your library
  • Do full-text searches of your bookmarks, saved articles, and notes
  • Share annotated articles via email, Facebook, and Twitter


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