Computer Tech or Educator?

In this post Dr. Joshua Kim discusses the discussions edtech people and academics don’t have with each other. He says that edtech people see themselves as educators, whereas, academics see them as technologists. I have a Master’s in Education with a concentration in instructional design. It always makes me angry when a professor refers to me as “tech guy” or a “computer guy.” I respect them skills computer technicians have, but I am not one of them.

The Attention Merchants

In this post Joshua Kim reviews Professor Tim Wu’s new book, The Attention Merchants: The Epic Scramble to get Inside Our Heads. The main topic of the book is how online portals such as Google and Facebook sell the attention of their audience to a third party. Quoting Dr. Kim, “The   Merchants gives us a framework in which we can make sense of the history and future of the information economy, a story of interest to all of us participating as consumers or producers (or both – and nowadays we are all both) in today’s attention economy.”

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Is Technology Changing Education for the Better?

n this post Carl Straumsheim reviews Neil Selwyn’s book Is Technology Good for Education? Slewyn is a professor of education at Monash University in Australia. In the book Selwyn takes a look at the role technology plays in changing education, and whether the change is always for the better.

Two Contrasting World Views: University Culture vs. Information Technology Culture

Sorry I haven’t posted lately. First, I attended the South by Southwest Education conference. Then, my college was off for Spring Break.

Interesting article about the contrast between the world views of the information technology sector versus the university culture.