The Danger of Addictive Technologies

In this post Joshua Kim reviews Adam Alter’s Book, Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked. Alter writes about the dangers of consumer technologies. He is worried about the addictive potential of video games, websites, smartphones, and apps. Kim makes the point that when he was a kid, kids didn’t spend their times with their cell phones, because they didn’t have them, but spent their time glued to their television screens.

Tips for Creating Instructional Videos

I haven’t checked them out, but I think this article has some good resources. My main piece of advice for teachers who want to create videos for their classes is – Make you videos no more than five minutes long. Everyone hates having to watch long instructional videos. If you want to produce a video of an hour lecture, first decide you you can summarize it; then, break it up into several short videos.

Adobe Spark

Adobe has unified all its tools for creating stories with text, graphics, audio, and video  into a tool they call Spark. The Spark app now includes the mobile apps formerly called Post, Voice, and Slate. These apps are now called Page, Post, and Video.