The Wacky World of Digital Book Pricing

What I would like to know is, why is it that I can buy some eBooks from Amazon for $.99, while others cost $9.99 and up from Amazon and the Apple iBook store?

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Pew Report on Book Readers for 2016

In 2016 the average (mean) American read 12 books, according to the Pew Report. The median average was only 4 books though. The mean for college graduates was 17 books. 28% of respondents read at least one eBook. I have been a compulsive reader since I was about ten years old. One year during the 1970s I read 200 books, but most of them were short. I always read between 40 and 50 books a year, averaging over 350 pages per book. This year, if I stay on my current pace, I will read at least 50 books.

SoftChalk Adds E-Book Authoring Tool

SoftChalk has added an E-Book authoring tool to its SoftChalk Cloud platform. I have been using SoftChalk for many years and think it is a pretty good tool for designing instruction.

Professors in on Hurry to go Digital

A report by the Independent College Booksellers Association says that only 15.1% of faculty members said they used primarily digital materials last fall. Their two most important factors in choosing materials for their classes were perceived quality and cost.