Texas A&M Bringing Gaming to Art History Classes

exas A&M University is partnering with the game-based learning company Triseum to introduce gaming to art history survey courses. An art history video game will transport students the world of the Italian Renaissance of the 15th and 16th centuries. They will be able to play various roles that will help them learn about the social, political, and economic scenarios that influenced the development of works of art during this period.

10 Questions for the POD Community

The Professional and Organizational Network in Higher Education (POD) is meeting in Louisville this week. Joshua Kim has ten questions for them. I have to confess that I have never heard of this group, but there are so many higher education organizations I’m sure I have not heard of most of them.

Can the EdTech Community Become an Ideas Generator?

Another great article from my favorite EdTech blogger, Joshua Kim. The ideas he lists are:

1. Defending the traditional. bundled residential university
2. Championing a liberal arts education
3. Forming a coalition with faculty
4. Supporting post-secondary education more strongly
5 .Building educational practices on learning science
6. Integrating educational change theory with teaching and learning practice
7. Being a counterweight to the technology hype cycle and the productivity agenda