The Downside to the Flipped Classroom Approach – Instructor Burnout

Thomas Mennella teaches biology at Bay Path University. He began using a flipped classroom approach four years ago. He likes the dynamic and interactive learning experience his students enjoy, but he is burned out from having to do so much grading and the number of hours he has to spend interacting with his students. According to Mennella, an instructor with 86 students who makes four assignments a week has to grade 344 assignments a week, and 3,784 per semester. My question for him is, why do you have to make four assignments a week?

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Joshua Kim on the Flipped Classroom

My main takeaways from this blog post it that the flipped classroom is not the new paradigm that is going to revolutionize education and that the classroom lecture is not dead. He says that creating a quality flipped class will require a lot of time and effort.

Resources for the Flipped Classroom

No topic is hotter now than the flipped classroom. In case you are looking for resources, you might start with these:

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