David Gelenter’s Vision for Higher Education

Yale computer scientist David Gelenter says that over 90% of U S colleges will be closed in the next generation and will be replaced by alternative credentials offered by museums, libraries, tech companies, etc. I believe that alternative credentialing through organizations such as Lynda.com, where I have completed over 100 courses, will continue to gain popularity, but I also believe that traditional educational institutions will be around for many generations.

What is OTT?

I learned a new educational acronym today, OTT, for Over the Top Technologies. OTT are technologies that aid in the delivery of audio, video, and media content via the Internet, without without requiring users to subscribe to, or pay for a service such as Comcast or DirecTV. It can be delivered to every device that can be connected to the Internet. Some examples of OTT interfaces are Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon Video. Some examples of online learning via OTT are TEDEd and edX. There are three ways OTT will be critical to education in the near future:

1. AS budgets for educational providers continue to shrink, OTT will lower costs.
2. Online and blended learning are big investors in OTT.
3. OTT can support OER (open educational resources).