Print Assignments?

In this article, Steven J. Bell, of Temple University, warns professors to check with a college librarian before they create an assignment that requires students to use only print material, because many college libraries are reducing their collections of works in print.

The Academic Library in the Age of Trump

In this post Dr. Joshua Kim states his case about why academic libraries are more important than ever before in the age of Trump. I would not do justice to his arguments if I tried to summarize them, so I will let you enjoy it without comment from me.

Why a Librarian should be on every Course Development Team

Dr. Joshua Kim says that a librarian should be on every course development and teaching team because:

1. Experience – Librarians have been partnering with teachers for years.
2. Working directly with students.
3. Content, quality, and open educational resources – Librarians have experience in working with faculty in searching for course content, securing it, and making it accessible.