Digital Distraction in the Classroom or Learning Opportunity?

A graduate assistant teacher of paleontology at the University of Michigan kept a written record of what she had seen on the screens of her students’ digital devices in the classroom and created a PowerPoint presentation of them. Many instructors find creative ways to let students use their cell phones and tablets in the classroom. A good example is free polling apps. Here a list of apps for teaching students about paleontology and dinosaurs.

Apps like these could let her students use their devices in the classroom and would be a lot more interesting than making her students listen to a lecture about the Mesozoic era.

Apple Applies for Patent for iPhone Dock

Apple has applied for a patent that will enable users to dock their iPhone with their laptop. Samsung has announced that a dock will be available for the Galaxy 8 that will enable you to view content from your phone on a computer monitor. These two technologies could have major applications in mobile learning. We’ll have to wait and see.

Obsolete Mobile Devices and Mobile Learning

In this post Dr. Joshua Kim contrasts the rapid advances we make in mobile devices with the lack of progress in mobile learning. He says that online learning courses are still designed for the browser and the laptop, not the mobile device. He makes a good point, but many students do most or all of their course work on their phones and tablets.

Why the Future of Adult Learning is Mobile

Dr. Joshua Kim lists these factors to support his conclusion:

1. Portability
2. You can study in small bursts on mobile devices.
3. You can study in between gaps in other things you are doing.
4. You can download all your study materials onto your mobile device.
5.  Formative assessment РShort bursts of questions over the material you are studying.

Five Reasons why Pokemon Go will Change Education and One Reason why it Won’t

An article by John Warner – Teachers have been using scavenger hunts in education for a long time. I suppose Pokemon Go is an updated version of that. Students are ACC employees are playing it on our campus this summer, as they are doing on all college campuses I’m sure. I imagine it’s a fad and will go away in a few months.