Third Annual Learning with MOOCS Conference

This week the third annual Learning with MOOCS conference is being held at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Joshua Kim says the the things the attendees will be talking about besides MOOCs are:

1. Enhancing residential teaching and learning
2. The postsecondary challenges of access. costs, public disinvestment, adjunctification
3. Sustaining the campus conversation on learning R&D

MOOC-Based Micro Master’s Degrees

MIT and 13 other universities are launching “micro-master’s degrees. Students would complete up to one half the courses required for a master’s degree, taught via a MOOC, earn a credential, and then, decide if they wanted to complete the master’s program. MIT is charging $150 for each of its MOOC courses. Initially MIT is offering a master’s degree in supply chain management, which is endorsed by Walmart.