LinkedIn’s New Learning Portal

The network for working professionals, LinkedIn, has announced its new learning portal, LinkedIn Learning. The social network acquired, which has over 9,000 coursese online, for $1.5 billion a year and a half ago. Microsoft is in the process of acquiring LInkedIn for $26.2 billion. Personal disclosure – I nave competed dozens of courses at


Use Micro Lectures on Video in Your Teaching

I agree with Travis Grandy. Students won’t watch a 45 minute lecture on video. Most of them should be no more than 5 to 10 minutes.

Udacity to Offer Nanodegrees

Interesting concept. We have to do something about the cost of college.


Digital Badges – 9 Critical Issues to Consider

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Online Training for Adjunct Faculty

 I read the abstract and scanned this interesting article. I’ll read it when I have time.