Scribble isĀ  social bookmarking tool that lets you:

  • Bookmark web pages and access them from anywhere
  • Save articles and web pages for later
  • Read annotated articles from your web browser
  • Capture thoughts and share comments on the page
  • Build your own library of favorite articles and websites
  • Use filters and tags to quickly sort through your library
  • Do full-text searches of your bookmarks, saved articles, and notes
  • Share annotated articles via email, Facebook, and Twitter


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Diigo Social Bookmarking Tool

Diigo is a free social bookmarking tool that makes it easy to create cloud-based lists of bookmarks as you research a topic on the Web. You can highlight and add sticky notes to parts of web pages you bookmark if you wish. When you download Diigo you can also install a Google Chrome extension that makes if very fast and easy to add new bookmarks. When you click on the Diigo extension on your web browser, this little screen will pop up:

You can download Diigo at:

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