Review of New 10.5″ iPad

A review from Appy Geek of the new 10.5″ iPad. This what I will probably upgrade to eventually.

Apple Park and Higher Education Future

In this post Joshua Kim tries to find lessons higher education can draw from Apple’s just opened 175-acre Apple Park campus, which cost $5 billion to build. Dream big and build campuses that force people to collaborate was all I got out of this article.

Apple Applies for Patent for iPhone Dock

Apple has applied for a patent that will enable users to dock their iPhone with their laptop. Samsung has announced that a dock will be available for the Galaxy 8 that will enable you to view content from your phone on a computer monitor. These two technologies could have major applications in mobile learning. We’ll have to wait and see.

Apple App Classroom Makes iPad Teaching Assistant

Apple has rolled out its Classroom app which interconnects with other iPads in a classroom, letting the teacher launch apps, books, or websites remotely. Teachers will be able to lock down the screens on all student iPads to help focus their attention. Teachers will also be able to see what is on the screens of the students’ iPads.