Steven Poole’s New Book – “Rethink”

In his latest post Joshua Kim reviews Steven Poole’s new book, Rethink: The Surprising History of New Ideas. Poole’s thesis is that many of the ideas we think are “new” have been around for decades. One example is the electric car. In 1900 there were more than 30,000 electric cars registered in the US. Another example is MOOCS. Kim says that educators should have placed MOOCS within the long tradition of distance education instead of claiming they were a new paradigm that would disrupt and revolutionize education. I have put Poole’s book on my to-read list.

15 Hot EdTech Trends for 2017

From Inside eSchool News. The hot trends are:

1. 2016 was the year of video.
2. Video observation for teacher professional development
3. Using technology for energy savings
4. The boom of real and virtual creation
5. Whole-class learning is here
6. Growth in high-quality content and new publishers
7. Identifying and helping students with dyslexia
8. Better connecting student and educator growth data
9. Paying attention to school culture and small data
10. Addressing the effects of poverty on the brain
11. Blended learning is at a “tipping point”
12. A year for confidence and employ-ability skills
13. A major increase in parent-teacher communication
14. Classroom audio systems will be used to assess student learning
15. Educators will embrace digital collaboration

What is OTT?

I learned a new educational acronym today, OTT, for Over the Top Technologies. OTT are technologies that aid in the delivery of audio, video, and media content via the Internet, without without requiring users to subscribe to, or pay for a service such as Comcast or DirecTV. It can be delivered to every device that can be connected to the Internet. Some examples of OTT interfaces are Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon Video. Some examples of online learning via OTT are TEDEd and edX. There are three ways OTT will be critical to education in the near future:

1. AS budgets for educational providers continue to shrink, OTT will lower costs.
2. Online and blended learning are big investors in OTT.
3. OTT can support OER (open educational resources).

5 Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 2016

This is from an article in Time Magazine by Stuart Frankel and Christian Hammond. Their predictions are:

  1. New inventions using AI will explode.
  2. Employees will work alongside smart machines.
  3. Executives will demand transparency.
  4. Artificial Intelligence will reshape companies outside of IT.
  5. Innovation labs will become a competitive asset.

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