Joshua Kim on the Flipped Classroom

My main takeaways from this blog post it that the flipped classroom is not the new paradigm that is going to revolutionize education and that the classroom lecture is not dead. He says that creating a quality flipped class will require a lot of time and effort.

Tips for Instructional Designers

Some tips for Instructional Designers from the Rapid eLearning Blog:

1. Chunk your content
2. Get to know your learners
3. Identify the discomfort
4. Peer coaches help train
5. Create learning journals
6. Online training compresses learning time
7. Create a working lab

Why the Future of Adult Learning is Mobile

Dr. Joshua Kim lists these factors to support his conclusion:

1. Portability
2. You can study in small bursts on mobile devices.
3. You can study in between gaps in other things you are doing.
4. You can download all your study materials onto your mobile device.
5.  Formative assessment РShort bursts of questions over the material you are studying.

LinkedIn’s New Learning Portal

The network for working professionals, LinkedIn, has announced its new learning portal, LinkedIn Learning. The social network acquired, which has over 9,000 coursese online, for $1.5 billion a year and a half ago. Microsoft is in the process of acquiring LInkedIn for $26.2 billion. Personal disclosure – I nave competed dozens of courses at