Apple Park and Higher Education Future

In this post Joshua Kim tries to find lessons higher education can draw from Apple’s just opened 175-acre Apple Park campus, which cost $5 billion to build. Dream big and build campuses that force people to collaborate was all I got out of this article.


David Gelenter’s Vision for Higher Education

Yale computer scientist David Gelenter says that over 90% of U S colleges will be closed in the next generation and will be replaced by alternative credentials offered by museums, libraries, tech companies, etc. I believe that alternative credentialing through organizations such as, where I have completed over 100 courses, will continue to gain popularity, but I also believe that traditional educational institutions will be around for many generations.

Barnes & Noble Survey of 1,600 College Students

B & N college surveyed nearly 1,000 traditional students and nearly 800 non-traditional students. Ninety percent of the non-traditional group considered college moderately to very valuable. 43% of the non-traditional students considered financing their college education  a moderate to big challenge.