Apple Applies for Patent for iPhone Dock

Apple has applied for a patent that will enable users to dock their iPhone with their laptop. Samsung has announced that a dock will be available for the Galaxy 8 that will enable you to view content from your phone on a computer monitor. These two technologies could have major applications in mobile learning. We’ll have to wait and see.


Obsolete Mobile Devices and Mobile Learning

In this post Dr. Joshua Kim contrasts the rapid advances we make in mobile devices with the lack of progress in mobile learning. He says that online learning courses are still designed for the browser and the laptop, not the mobile device. He makes a good point, but many students do most or all of their course work on their phones and tablets.

Bossier Parish Community College’s Unique Mobile App

Bossier Parish Community College is developing an app for mobile devices that will improve developmental courses. Student who used the app will have access to their courses any time, any place. It will also provide analytics data so the college can track which efforts are working. This is part of the OpenCampus pilot project which rolled out in April, 2013. This initiative is being funded by a Department of Education First in the World grant.

3 Reasons we are Intrigued by Mobile Learning

Joshua Kim’s three theories are:

1. Mobile learning could be different from laptop learning.
2,  Mobile learning could be better than laptop learning.
3. Mobile learning is the (emerging economy) future of learning.