Many Adult Learners Lacking in Digital Skills

The Pew Research report, Digital Readiness Gaps, found that many adult learners are not ready for online learning.

  • 33% of adults are not confident of their ability to use computers.
  • 14% are totally unprepared for online learning.
  • Only 17% of those who are prepared are confident of their digital skills.

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UMUC to Spin IT off into For-Profit Company

The University of Maryland University College (UMUC) has announced that it is going to spin off its IT department into a separate for-profit department called AccelerEd. Joshua Kim does not think this is a good idea, but I think it probably is the wave of the future. UMUC is the university’s online division.

Why Joshua Kim Love Online Learning but Dislikes Educational Technology

Joshua Kim dislikes educational technology because it has over-promised and under-delivered on the promise of educational technology, but the loves online learning in all its formats: blended, low-residency, and fully online.

Dr. Joshua Kim’s 6 Rules for Online Learning

I will just list them and not discuss them:

1. Don’t rely on online learning programs to make lots of money.
2. Don’t follow the market.
3. Don’t try to go to scale.
4. Don’t separate online learning from residential learning.
5 Do treat online learning as a disciplined experiment.
6. Do prioritize economic sustainability – not growth.

LinkedIn’s New Learning Portal

The network for working professionals, LinkedIn, has announced its new learning portal, LinkedIn Learning. The social network acquired, which has over 9,000 coursese online, for $1.5 billion a year and a half ago. Microsoft is in the process of acquiring LInkedIn for $26.2 billion. Personal disclosure – I nave competed dozens of courses at

Why Higher Education Must Resist the Platform Revolution

I agree with Joshua Kim. Colleges and universities do more important work than just transferring information to students. Information does not equal learning. The world suffers from information overload, not from a lack of information.