Why the Future of Adult Learning is Mobile

Dr. Joshua Kim lists these factors to support his conclusion:

1. Portability
2. You can study in small bursts on mobile devices.
3. You can study in between gaps in other things you are doing.
4. You can download all your study materials onto your mobile device.
5.  Formative assessment РShort bursts of questions over the material you are studying.

5 Higher Ed Trends for 2016

The five things are:

1.  Rapid growth of CBE continues (Competency Based Education), programs are further defined
2. Growth and organization of micro-credentialing
3. Adaptive learning and intelligent tutoring
4. Quick and impactful regulatory change
5.Mobile proliferation, improved access for marginalized populations

Preview NMC Horizon Report

The New Media Consortium (NMC) has released its preview version (for members only) of its Horizon Report for 2016. The technologies they cover include:

Long-Term impact (5 or more years):
> Advancing Cultures of Innovation
> Rethinking how Institutions Work
Mid-Term impact (3 to 5 years):
> Redesigning Learning Spaces
> Shift to Deeper Learning Approaches
Short-Term Impact (1 to 2 years):
> Growing Focus on Measuring Learning
> Increasing Use of Blended Learning Designs
Members of the NMC can download the report here: