How to Stop Videos from Automatically Playing in Your Browser

When I go to a website such as CNN and a video starts playing automatically when I click on a link to a story, it drives me crazy. I’ve just found out how to stop that. Install the Chrome extension Disable HTML5 Autoplay. I installed it, and it does work.

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New Camtasia

TechSmith has announced its latest versions of Camtasia, 9 for Windows machines and 3 for Macs. Most of the improvements seem to be for recording and editing video.

Atomic Learning Videos

I watched a webinar today from Atomic Learning, a company that produces training videos that can be linked to from Blackboard. The product is a Blackboard plug-in, and creating links to the videos is extremely easy. They currently have videos on 250 topics. An individual license is $99 per year. They offer institutional licenses, but the prices for them are not on the website. All videos are no more than three minutes long. I watched one on the website, and it was good.